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Coaches are hosting retreats to provide an opportunity for participants to take a step back from their everyday lives and focus on their personal growth. Through a retreat environment, coaches can provide support, guidance, and education to help individuals reach their goals and make positive changes in their lives. Retreats can also provide a space for learning, healing, and connection with like-minded individuals, helping individuals to feel supported and empowered in their journey.

Harlo Collective Co. provides a full-service experience that is tailored to your needs. Our team of dedicated professionals will work with you to create an unforgettable retreat experience that meets your exact needs and desires. We will help you plan the perfect retreat, from selecting the perfect venue to finding the best activities and amenities for your guests. Our attention to detail ensures that your retreat will be both memorable and enjoyable, meaning you can fully immerse yourself in your teachings allowing you to stay in your flow throughout the whole retreat. We also provide full customer support throughout the planning and booking process, so you can rest assured that your retreat will be a success.

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We had our corporate retreat organised and managed by Talise and the team at Harlo Collective Co. This was our first overseas retreat with our Leadership Team, and a significant investment so we wanted to get it right. Talise hit the mark on accommodation, timing, and booking the entire team’s travel with various requirements, arranged a private chef, our menu, tours, and accommodation with local knowledge, drivers, and butlers; the entire package. Every detail was thought through, and this made the event effortless. Our team loved her, so having her there onsite throughout the retreat arranging all the check-ins and everything we needed at the local level was amazing, and really went the extra mile. I highly recommend Talise and her team for any event needing that x-factor. Tamsyn Rosenberg, CEO Get Real International

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